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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of people they are. veteran educators, including an elementary schoolteacher and a special education teacher who are not leaving the classroom. >> they were so clearly committed to their kids. we asked them, are you going to continue to teach? they both said yes, i can't give up my kids. >> reporter: and like many of you, they watched a south baltimore mcdonald's worker claim she was the winner and get plenty of attention. only they knew the truth. >> hadthey had been kind of privately laughing amongst themselves and maybe sharing text messages, saying people are claiming to have the ticket, when in fact, they knew where the winning ticket was. >> reporter: and this was the machine. they won $20 worth of tickets here, all quick picks and all printed individually. >> reporter: all of them work multiple jobs and needed the money. and they had faith. >> they had just been in church. and they set a -- had a silent prayer for just some help in paying some bills.
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given their participation as public educators, that we were really pleased that this is kind of how this story is going to end up. >> so were many others who now wonder, did my kid's teacher just win the world's largest jackpot. >> well, i'm sure they'll get a new car. they'll have something luxury on the lot. their wardrobe will change, something will change. but you never know. >> reporter: and they're going to trach it in -- take it in a lump sum. they worked at different schools. we don't know which school system they worked for. but sometimes a little mystery is a good thing. reporting live in milford mill, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. in all, the three amigos purchased 60 tickets in three stores. they only won $1 besides the big jackpot. updating the breaking news in the presidential race, just a short time ago, rick santorum, suspends his campaign, making mitt romney, the likely republican nominee. danielle nottingham reports
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from the white house. >> reporter: rick santorum told reporters in gettysburg, pennsylvania, he is suspending his campaign for the gop presidential nomination. >> we ahead a -- made a decision over the weekend that while this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign, effective today. we are not done fighting. >> santorum's decision comes two weeks before the primary in his home state of pennsylvania. recent polls show him slipping there. he was off the campaign trail for several days this past week. after his 3-year-old daughter bella was hospitalized. she suffers from a rare genetic condition. >> this was a time for prayer and thought. >> reporter: santorum came from the back of the pack to challenge mitt romney, the two going toe to toe, as santorum sold himself as the true conservative to replace president obama in the white house. >> reporter: he caught fire when he won some early caucus states, then the missouri primary. >> a month ago, they didn't
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know who we are. but they do now. >> reporter: he went on to win several states on super tuesday. then took primaries in alabama, mississippi, and louisiana. >> we did it again. [ applause ] >> reporter: but santorum trailed in the delegate count and couldn't compete with mitt romney's financial strength. santorum wouldn't say if he'll back romney for the gop ticket. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. and please stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll bring you the very latest development on the candidates and the races. tax hikes are out. and cuts are in. but it all could change. wjz is live. political reporter pat warren has more on the state budget and the hundreds of millions of dollars at risk. hi, pat. >> hi, kai. you're absolutely right. hundreds of millions of dollars are at risk because when the general assembly failed to pass a revenue pag last night that
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include -- package last night that included an income tax hike, they had to default to the doomsday budget, which means cuts everywhere. >> reporter: the general assembly hands over a handful of budget cuts. >> which is really a damn shame. >> a plan to fund the budget. >> pretty much the low point in my experience here. >> the speaker of the house points to the senate for letting the clock run out. >> i learned one thing when i played sports. if you don't have the ball, you can't score touchdown. and if you don't have the revenue package, you can't make the vote on it. >> reporter: the senate president believes there wasn't a strong enough will to raise revenues in the house. >> the reason we passed a doomsday budget was to give people false, hard courage to pass taxes. that's the reason we put that doomsday budget there. if you don't have the hut pa, or the nerves or guts to pass that, that's what's going to happen. >> reporter: they also expect lawmakers to come back and work
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out a better solution than the proposal that was spoad to be approved-- supposed to be approved last night. but they believe the government missed the mark on sine die. >> we had the ability. and i think the people of our state had the will. but our leaders weren't able to come to the concensus necessary to protect education. >> reporter: the budget takes effect july 1st. >> unfortunately, we're taking a step back. >> reporter: now, the only way to take a step forward in the governor's words is to go ahead and call a special session that is most likely to happen. but at this point, maybe they need a cooling off period. no decision has been made on that yet. reporting live, i'm pat warren, back to you. >> okay, pat. thank you. wjz will continue to follow the developments with maryland's budget. we'll have more tonight at 6:00. two women die in a head-on collision. police say one of the drivers crossed into oncoming traffic. she crashed into another car just before 6:00 last night. the victims are identified as
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26-year-old stephanie vanchero, and 70-year-old mary elizabeth corkle. police believe the driver error is to blame but the investigation is ongoing. right now, a fire warning is in effect for maryland, as our dry and windy weather continues. the national weather service says small sparks could grow out of control. wjz is live in north baltimore. derek valcourt has more on the red flag warning and the conditions that created it. derek? >> jessica, a small brush fire broke out here in these woods here in druid hill park. this weekend, firefighters were able to get that fire under control pretty quickly. others have not been so easy. >> across maryland, brush fire infernos have already scorched dozens of acres this weekend alone, including the 18-acre blaze that forced the evacuation of some 60 homes in harford county. >> very concerned for my house, my neighbor's house, our property, the kids. >> reporter: with little recent rainfall, low moisture in the ground, and strong winds to fan even the smallest flames, fire
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authorities statewide, now warning of the potential for explosive fire growth. >> ault take -- all it takes is a spark in conditions like this, to ignite a serious woodfire, brush fire, any kind of fire, it's going to be more difficult to contain. >> reporter: and it's not just the lack of rain. it's also the weather. this has been one of the warmest marches on record. and this early spring has all of the plants soaking up what little moisture there is in the ground. >> for most of maryland, it's abnormally dry. >> reporter: wendy mcpherson with the u.s. geological survey points out the mild winter has meant less water from melting snowfall. orange dots represent the streams well below or far below normal levels. in fact, right now, most of maryland is considered abnormally dry, with much of the eastern shore, experiencing a moderate drought. >> if it keeps up like this, there will be the chance of fire hazards throughout the summer, unless we get some rain. >> and as long as this red flag
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warning is in effect, people are prohibited from doing any kind of outdoor, open burning. and people who want to use their backyard grills and fire pits are urged to use extreme caution. we're live, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right. good advice. derek, thank you. first warning weather continues now with meteorologist bernadette woods. she's taking a closer look at why conditions are so dangerous out there. >> hello. and the thing is, there's a combination of factors that have led to this point. one, it has been incredibly dry. two, the winds have been really up. eastern shore is in a moderate drought. the rest of the state is not officially in a drought. but abnormally dry. and we want to update you also on some of the numbers to go along with this map. so far for the year, we are 4.22 inches down. and the rainfall bucket. for the month alone, we're already over an inch. and the majority of our deficit has come in the past about six
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to seven weeks. we've had gorgeous days. we've really added up those days. couple of us are getting sprinkles. as this front comes through, it's kicking up the winds once again, providing that danger that derek was just talking about. we have one more chance in this stretch for showers before we head to the weekend. we'll keep you updated. jess? >> all right, bern. thank you. stay with wjz for first warning weather. to find the latest watches and warnings and the updated forecast, log onto a man dressed up as a super hero is arrested during the orioles season opener. tonight, he's out of jail because of a mistake. wjz is live. adam may speaks to the man who has become an internet sensation. >> look. we all know that super heroes aren't supposed to break the law. but this batman admits he did. and he can't believe he was let off the hook. >> the caped crusader comes to life at friday's orioles home
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opener. more than a quarter million people have watched the video this partial streaker on the internet. >> what's the real name? >> my name is mark harvey. >> and why did you do this? >> one, it was my birthday. and i love to get people to laugh. i thought, what is better than to go on opening day? >> harvey admits, he's more ever a choker. he posted pictures before and after the game. a friend even mapped out his adventure. he even ran before being tackled by police. then he spent a dark night at central booking. >> the orioles are frowning upon this. and they're hoping no one else does it. >> i don't recommend anyone doing this. and trust me, they tackle you hard. >> suddenly, they just said you're good to go? >> they said, all the charms were dropped, which i was surprised. i was like, i asked them twice, are you sure? he was like, yeah. >> the orioles expected trespassing charges. the state's attorney's office,
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calls the oversight a communication error, a misstep we won't make again. so what's next for this bruce wayne wannabe? >> i'll be back. >> will batman be back. >> that's what everyone is asking me. you know what? batman might be back. people are a little upset. but i'm my own person. i enjoyed it. the crowd was going crazy. >> he likes that. but doesn't like the punishment. harvey has been banned from camden yards for the rest of his life. fans are at odds. some agree, saying he was a disruption. others say it was just funny and they should let him back in the future. reporting live, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> the state's attorney's office would not elaborate on what caused the communication error. >> no crying in baseball. >> no. [ crying ] in baseball. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. a school bus driver has a heart attack behind the wheel. how some brave students jumped into action and prevent
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disaster. growing outrage over a beating caught on tape in baltimore. are police closer to making an arrest? headaches on interstate 83. that's what drivers can expect if they don't plan for a major construction project, starting this week. i'm weijia jiang, in baltimore, with what you need to know, coming up next. dry and windy conditions. is there any rain in sight? don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast with bernadette. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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major traffic delays in store for drivers on the jfx. construction project begins this week on i-83. and the city expects it to cause heavy backups for at least a month. wjz is live in north baltimore. weijia jiang has more on the impact of this road work. weijia? >> reporter: jess, as you know,
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i-83 is the main road to get in and out of baltimore city. but starting this friday, this artery is going to be very clogged. >> reporter: interstate 83 is about to get even more clouded crowded than usual. more crowded than usual. >> what? it's already crazy on the jfx. >> reporter: starting the 13th, one lane in each direction on the 29th street bridge will be shut down for road work. expect it to last at least a month. >> oh, my god. god bless us all. >> reporter: like this man, other locals are bracing for bumper-to-bumpir traffic. >> headache, confusion, chaos. >> reporter: let's put this into numbers. the city says the jfx handles up to six cars an hour. but you take away a lane in each direction. and at least 2,000 cars an hour have to merge. >> expect a lot of sitting in traffic. >> reporter: transportation officials say metro and light rail are the best options. if you have to drive, city
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streets are the way to go. >> you know, that's the gateway travel for road. >> here's some help. this map highlights nine alternates to weave in and out. >> basically, the beltway exits. york road, perring parkway. harford road. >> reporter: but drivers worry, even those will be packed. >> i can get home in 10 minutes, using the expressway. but if i have to get through the cities, it will take me 10 minutes. >> i'm going to have to leave a little earlier. and leave a little later, maybe. or just pray. [ laughter ] >> transportation officials have not yet decided just how much of the lanes will be shut down. but it will be for several exits. they also say this project could take up to two months to wrap up. reporting live in north baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> have some patience. weijia, thanks. for a link to maps with alternative routes as well as updates about the lane
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closures, log onto >> speaking of traffic. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. well, plenty of traffic there to talk about. on the north side inner loop, the delay up to 30 minutes there. that's from greenspring to harford road. west side inner loop, expect another 15 at least there, from frederick road to security boulevard. 70 westbound, bumper to bumper there, from 29 to marriottsville road. and northbound 95, still having problems in that direction. that's from eastern avenue past the beltway on that northeast corner. traveling southbound 95, we do have a disabled vehicle in the fort mchenry tunnel, left tube, blocking the right-hand lane. just take the right tube instead, you should be fine. and other accidents include oak wood road at mayflower circle. also liberty heights at hillwood road. you can see, that is part of the delay there. at least 30 minutes. greenspring avenue to harford road. this traffic report is brought to you by medieval times.
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stop in to medieval times for spring break. bring your student id and ticket. you can get details by dialing 888-we-joust. or go online. some students had quite a day. they helped build a scooter they helped by raising money. >> which group wants to get on the boat first? >> reporter: they were ready. life vests on first. fourth graders boarded the lady maryland. they helped raise money to help fay for repairs. >> we went to kindergarten class to see if anyone had money to donate. >> helping save maryland by getting all of those coins. >> reporter: the students know all about the lady. >> she's a schooner. and she had to get fixed over the winter because her nails got smaller.
5:20 pm
>> we are going to replace the nails have have been broken so we can go on it today. >> reporter: students' fundraising campaign was called "every penny counts." >> and they made morning announcements and encouraged kids kids to bring in change and donate money the. >> reporter: the -- >> reporter: the repairs were costly. more do nays are needed to keep the lady afloat. >> we want this boat to last for generations to come. so we nade to make that -- need to make that investment now. >> an investment if education. >> 23 years ago, i used to sail every day. and it's great to go out with the kids today. ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> the parent restoration of the lady maryland took four months. the schooner has sailed with a quarter million students since her construction in 1986. >> and what a great day. >> uh-huh. >> to be out there. >> absolutely.
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>> sailing. >> how are you? >> what a great day. >> lady bernadette. >> you're just looking at the late of the. a -- latest. not a whole lot. but we're hoping for a little more out of this. going to tease with doppler radar and sheyou what we've -- show you what we've got coming from the north. sunshine. sunshine. and we'll have that forecast ,,
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welcome back, everybody. sunshine out. in the city now. and across the area. but some people are seeing a couple of sprinkles. that's about it. we want to show you first warning doppler radar. all of this is coming down from the north. ask there's not a whole lot to it. but you can see a few showers, north of baltimore county. heading to baltimore county now. this is all part of a front that is going to come through the day tomorrow. let's switch it over and show you clear skies last night. clouds came in with a few of these showers. otherwise, we're still seeing some sunshine out there. and with this front coming through, the winds have been up once again. generally 10 to 20 miles per hour, sustained winds is what we have been experiencing through the day today, with gusts even higher than that. not quite as high as university. but still a windy day. and another dry one. and because of those two
5:25 pm
factors, red-flag warnings in effect, almost statewide this afternoon, until 8:00 tonight. this is what we've got going on for temperatures. with us, sunshine coming out a little bit more. we have gotten into the 60s for some of us. but here's that cooler air coming our way. it's already in the 40s in the mountains, where it's been most of the afternoon. and that will come across the entire state tonight. temperatures dropping down into the 30s. so below average for that low. and then tomorrow, see the average is 63 degrees. we're going to be below that. here's that forecast. here's the front, coming down from the north. there is cooler air associated. but not a whole lot of moisture. we just need a soaking rain, a good rain to come through here. but it doesn't look like that's going to happen over the next few afternoons. this front leaves us. this one comes down. that gets out of here. all the while, the winds are going to remain high. unless we get a couple of showers yesterday, the dry air reenforces itself thursday into friday. and that fire threat is going to continue. out on the waters with this going on. small craft advisories are also in effect through tomorrow afternoon. keep that in mind if you're
5:26 pm
heading out on the waters. forecast for tonight. maybe a shower early tonight. otherwise, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. we're going down to 31 degrees. it is going to be a cold one. tomorrow, 56 for our high. chance for a shower or two. then that front gets out of here on thursday. it will take a day or two before we start to warm it up. but we have a big warmup coming our way this weekend. we'll have your five-day later. >> thank you, bern. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. online privacy. can your boss ask for your facebook password? how maryland is tackling that controversial question. in his own words, for the first time, we're hearing from the man who killed trayvon martin. what george zimmerman is saying about the case. camden yards will host a championship game. but it's not the major leagues. i'm monique griego. coming up, we'll tell you who coming up, we'll tell you who has the opportun,,,, we love gardening...
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it's just before 5:30. 65 degrees. and breezy outside. good evening. and thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. there's growing outrage over an attack on a tourist in baltimore city. the whole thing is recorded on a cell phone camera.
5:30 pm
tonight, another video of the beating surfaces, showing the incident as it unfolds, with witnesses standing by, doing nothing. >> reporter: it's 2:00 in the morning, after st. patrick's day. this video shows a man being punched in the face, as his head hits the pavement, outside courthouse east, in downtown baltimore. a rowdy crowd gathers. someone notices a victim's watch. you see someone grabs something from his pocket. he goes to get it back. now, a second view, another cell phone camera, showing the man, a 31-year-old arlington, virginia resident, being kicked and punched, then stripped of his clothes. witnesses do nothing but laugh. >> he had every right to leave wherever he was and get back to where they wanted to be, safely. their behavior was just criminal. not only was he relieved of his property after he was assaulted, but there were a lot of other things that were done to him that was just disturbing to look at.
5:31 pm
and we want to bring these people to justice. >> reporter: the police report says his attackers stole his $1300 watch, a $500 iphone, an audi car key, worth $300. >> it's surprising. but it's dangerous. >> it's awful. obviously. and you just have to be really careful on those days. you can't just be wandering around the streets. >> reporter: one suspect has been identified but is not in custody yet. other the identified may be charged with assault and robbery. >> the public is going to really help us with this case. and they have been really helpful thus far. >> reporter: the victim somehow made it to his hotel room. when he woke up, he had no memory of what happened. but he had scrapes and bruises all over his body. >> reporter: police commissioner fred beal field says he does not believe the beating was a hate crime. he said he believes they took advantage of a drunk man. he doesn't believe race was a factor. a terrifying hit-and-run accident is caught on camera.
5:32 pm
denise is in the newsroom to explain how witnesses helped catch that driver. >> the accident involved a cyclist and a 17-year-old driver. take a look as a teenager's car is seen going around the bridge. he then hits the cyclist and begins driving off. that's when they block the lanes on the end of another bridge. he was boxed in until police arrived. police say without the intervention, it would have been difficult to capture the other driver. the psyche lifs -- psyche lift was bruised. >> the teenager was charged under a new pennsylvania law that says drivers must give bikers 4 feet of clearance before passing. a 7th grader comes to the rescue. he was riding on a school bus when the driver collapses. the 13-year-old's quick thinking is caught on camera, inside the bus. monique ming-laven has the video for wjz. >> reporter: you just heard what sounds like a run of the mill cough from a bus driver.
5:33 pm
now, on the left, jeremy woodchick is sitting in the second row. as the driver's head starts to roll back, jeremy notices the bus is leaving the road. >> yeah, i know something is wrong. because he doesn't take the turn. we're heading straight for a church. i take action. >> reporter: no hesitation am he jumps to the front of the bus. >> i leap off my chair. grab the wheel, turn it right, get it to the right side of the road. take the keys out of the engine, engine starts shut being off, starts slowing down. >> reporter: even with the keys down, you can see through the windows, they are still rolling. jeremy tries to steer, then do cpr. the other kids grab their phones. johnny wood also jumps forward. >> it was scary and exhilarating. >> reporter: he fears -- steers the last few feet over to the side of the road. the driver responds slightly, raising his arm. >> you want to know if he's okay. but then again, it's just happening so fast, your heart is pumping. it's breghtd taking and breath giving. >> reporter: seconds later, a
5:34 pm
former school administrator boards. he had seen the bus careen off the road. he takes over, helps all the kids get off the bus. all without injury. >> i feel great that i saved a lot of people, a lot of my friends and stuff. but i just hope that the bus driver is okay. because we don't know anything about him. >> the school district says it will release the bus driver's name and condition once his wife gives the okay. the two men charged in a shooting rampage that terrorized a tulsa neighborhood have confessed. police say jake england and alvin watts admitted to killing two people and wounding three others. all the victims were african americans. police believe that england was seeking revenge for his father's death, an african american suspect was not charged in that case because it was ruled self-defense. breaking news in the case of trayvon martin. moments ago, attorneys -- attorneys for george zimmerman announced they no longer representing him. the news comes, as zimmerman reaches out to his supporters. and as randall pinkston reports
5:35 pm
for wjz, martin's family is still pushing for an arrest. but investigators say they need more time. >> reporter: george zimmerman is speaking out for the first time. the man who says he shot and killed trayvon martin in self- defense has creted a website called "the -- created a website called the real george zimmerman. in it, he says he has experienced a life-altering event. saying, i have been forced to leave my home, my school, my friends, family. he is asking people to donate to help his living fund. >> he said he experienced a life-altering event. well, trayvon martin experienced a life-ending event. >> reporter: the martin family and demonstrators nationwide want zimmerman arrested. on monday, protestors blocked the front doors of the police station. and during the night, someone fired several shots at an empty police car in the same neighborhood where martin was killed. >> sanford officials and the
5:36 pm
martin family are asking for patience and calm. it has been six weeks since trayvon martin's death. the special prosecutor says she needs more time. >> angela quarry says an arrest will be her call. and she is not going to present the case to a grand jury. >> martin's family and zimmerman's attorneys both see it as a positive sign. >> it's our expectation that there will not be charges filed. if we're wrong, we're prepared to defend him. >> we just truly believe that after the investigation is completed, that he will be arrested. >> reporter: the decision not to use a grand jury, means zimmerman cannot be charged with first-degree murder. but if he is arrested, he could still be charged with lesser crimes. >> reporter: in sanford, florida, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> on the night of the shooting, police let zimmerman go, saying they foundne evidence to contradict his claim of self-defense. the black box inside the navy jet that crashed into an apartment complex in virginia beach will be analyzed here in maryland. it was sent to patuxent river
5:37 pm
naval air station. now, navy investigators say they're hoping the recorder will give them more clues about what happened right before that jet went down. meanwhile, crews continue to sift through the wreckage of the crash. no one was killed or seriously hurt. maryland is the first state to ban employers from asking for social media passwords. the bill now heads to governor martin o'malley's desk. it prohibits them to ask for user names and passwords to websites like facebook and twitter. the legislation is the first of its kind in the country. similar bans have been introduced in illinois and california. time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. an insider's look at what happened in the moments before deals collapsed in the general assembly. two easton lacrosse players won their appeals and will have their records expunged after possessing a lighter and pen knife. stories behind baltimore
5:38 pm
restaurant names. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. ask remember to look for the first warning weather from wjz's first warning weather team. soon sharing a field with the pros. monique griego has more on why they're taking over camden yards. >> reporter: it's every young baseball er's dream. to -- baseballer's dream, from going here to here. eli may not be in the majors yet little, but he and the rest of the digital harbor rams may soon be getting their cleats dirty at camden yards. >> beginning this year, the baltimore city public schools championships will be held at oriole park at camden yards. >> reporter: the city is teaming up with the orioles to continue rbi, a program focused on reviving baseball in inner cities. >> them having an opportunity like this to play in camden yards. where they can come and watch the orioles play, it's fantastic. >> reporter: orioles center fielder adam jones is living
5:39 pm
his dream in campen camden yards. and he knows the power of playing on this diamond. >> it's awesome. >> right now, the city league is still in the middle of its season. so the opportunity to be one of the two teams that will get the chance to play on this field is still up for grabs. >> reporter: and the rams are confident when the championship comes, they'll be the ones playing beyond these gates. >> that's giving us more motivation. to play in a big league, too. and to show everybody that we can make it. >> reporter: monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> the two top teams in baltimore city public schools will face off at camden yards on may 5th, 2:00. admission is free. still ahead on eyewitness news. a new study links brain tumors to a common practice at the dentist. what you need to know before your next visit. an unusual backyard intruder. see the chaos as a black bear roams through a california neighborhood. and i'm bernadette woods in for bob turk in the first warning weather center. we have your exclusive first
5:40 pm
warning five-day forecast that takes us into the weekend. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,
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day of wild weather caught on tape. huge hail in parts of oklahoma. listen. [ loud banging sounds ] >> sounds like gunshots. almost sounds like fireworks. but those are hailstones, actually, falling on the houses and cars in northwest oklahoma. the baseball-sized chunks of ice broke windshields and light on more than a dozen vehicles. three people suffered minor injuries. the dry, windy weather here in maryland is being felt along the east coast. it's fueling wildfires in several states, from new hampshire to florida. terrell brown reports for wjz from new york, where firefighters are working overtime. >> wildfires broke out up and down the east coast monday. fueled by whipping winds and dry conditions. >> the wind just blows it, keeps it blowing, pushing it farther and farther. >> reporter: on new york's long island, hundreds of firefighters race to keep flames from closing in on a nuclear physics facility.
5:44 pm
the fire swallowed up about a thousand acres, destroying at least two homes and sending three firefighters to the hospital. >> this fire is as serious as it gets. it is not yet under control. >> reporter: neil coleman's son shot this video of the fire, as it crept dangerously close to the home. >> i'm telling you, the fire is over 100 foot tall. it was unbelievable. it's like, you see it in the movies and on tv. >> in new jersey, another inferno, which officials are calling suspicious, is on track to burn through 1,000 acres. yesterday, it came within just a few feet of some homes. >> it was very horrifying. too close for comfort. it was right behind our home. it's literally right behind our home. >> the dry, windy weather, also helped feed flames in pennsylvania and connecticut. nearby homes and businesses were evacuated. >> i was very nervous. i thought i could possibly be losing my home at that point. >> the national weather service
5:45 pm
issued fire warnings throughout the mid-atlantic region. along with parts of the midwest and south. in virginia, helicopters dumped water from above to try to douse the flames. >> reporter: the wildfire outbreak stretched all the way down to miami, where a fast- moving fire caught residents by surprise. >> terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> long island firefighters say the blaze there is about 50% contained. but they say homes are still in jeopardy. and maryland remains under a red flag warning tonight as we continue to track these dangerously dry and windy conditions. for more on what to expect over the next few days, let's check in with meteorologist bern dets woods and the first warning weather center. hey, bern. >> hello there, jess. and everybody. we have the chance for maybe a shower or two this morning. otherwise, take a look at the forecast tomorrow. a front comes through. and there's not a whole lot of moisture with this front. but maybe a shower during the day. windy and cooler. only 56 degrees for our high. the winds continue as we dry
5:46 pm
out or reenforce the dry air thursday and friday. but notice the warmup, by the time we hit the weekend, we are back in the 70s. kai? >> thank you, bern dote. -- bernadette. one of the key tools in the prevention of colon cancer is the colonoscopy. this is an exam that lets a doctor look inside the entire colon. if the doctor is looking for polyps or small growths or signs of cancer. patients are given medicine to help them relax and sleep until it is finished. doctors will decide how often you should have a colonoscopy. usually, it's once every 10 years, depending on your risk for colon cancer. you should also talk to your doctor about whether or not you should start having tests before the age of 50. also in health watch, new research shows a link between dental rays and brain tumors. teresa garcia has the story for wjz.
5:47 pm
65-year-old gloria conroy has been getting dental x-rays every year for as long as she can remember. >> it didn't bother me. because i don't want root canal problems. i don't want cavities. >> reporter: but according to a new study in the journal cancer, the radiation from frequent dental x-rays may be linked to noncancerous brain tumors, called meningiomas. the study researched 3,000 patients. those who got bite wing x-rays at least once a year or more, had a 40 to 90% higher risk. >> the amount of radiation given off by the x-rays is so minuscule that it's really, in the grand scheme of things, it's really not a factor. k08 paired to the compared to the benefit of the diagnostic. >> reporter: while dental x- rays are often necessary, researchers say these findings suggest moderate use for patients with healthy teeth. >> when you come in for your
5:48 pm
routine annual exam, there's no real reason to have an x-ray at that point. >> reporter: the american dental association recommends healthy adults should get x- rays every 2 to 3 years. children, every 1 to 2 years. more research is needed to prove radiation from dental x- rays cause the tumors. for now, gloria is going to stick with what her dentist recommends. >> if he said i didn't need any x-rays, then i don't need. that's how i view it. >> she trusts him when it comes to weighing the risks and benefits. in los angeles, teresa garcia, wjz eyewitness news. >> meningiomas can cause problems like changes in vision, headaches and hearing and memory loss. nobody likes uninvited guests, but it's a little worse when that guest is a 600-pound bear. that's what happened to a california neighborhood when a bear began roaming through backyards. wildlife officials shot the bear with the tranquilizer. but the bear eventually woke
5:49 pm
up. agents had to use two more shots to put him back out. agents say they'll take this bear back into the wild before releasing him. check in for eyewitness news at 6:00. denise is standing by live with a preview. resting their case. the prosecution presents closing arguments that the trial of baltimore brothers, accused of setting a dog on fire. the final message to the jury. updating the breaking news. dropping their client on the same day we learn of a website to raise money for george zimmerman. why his attorneys say they are no longer representing him. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news, coming up at 6:00. now, back to kai and jessica. >> all right. thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. mark is at the ballpark. it's always a big deal when the orioles take on the yankees. but i'll tell you why it's a big deal, half a world away. and while an entire country will be watching on tv, rooting for the orioles. i'll tell you the details when eyewitness news co,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
the orioles take on the yankees. sports director mark viviano joins us from the ballpark. with word from a new oriole who
5:53 pm
makes his debut tonight. >> how are you doing? it's a history-making debut for pitcher hui chen. the first-ever, taiwanese-born player for the orioles. his assignment is a tough one as he prepares to go up against the yankees. he says he is well aware of their stars, like derek jeter and alex rodriguez, who he'll be pitching against tonight. chen pitched for the japanese and also olympics. but his new territory is american and he spoke about that through his interpreter. >> definitely nervous right now. a little bit. >> we think our games are more meaningful. but pitching in the asian games and olympics, pitching in japan, the play-offs, there's a lot of relevancy to it. but you know, this is still a little different stage for
5:54 pm
them. >> he said, i'm living the dream right now. because i used to watch the game from tv. but right now, i can be here, be with the orioles and watch the game. this is amazing here. >> and tonight's 7-0, 5:00 p.m. start will be 7:00 in the morning in taiwan. and a huge television audience will be tuned in to see his major league debut against the new york yankees. and manager buck showalter just joked with me earlier that if it's 7:00 a.m. in taiwan, he hopes chen makes it long enough to make most of that country late for work. manager ozzy gillen, suspended for his comments about fidel castro. we'll hear his apology coming up. that's all ahead in sports at 6:00. >> thank you. the captain of the doomed costa concordia cruise ship is ordered to remain under house
5:55 pm
arrest. his attorneys had been argued he should be given his freedom. but today, italy's highest court ruled that captain francesco schettino must stay behind bars while he's investigated for criminal charges. investigator says he abandoned a ship full of passengers while running aground. 30 people were killed. and now, a memorial cruise is on its way to new york to the exact place where the titanic sank. they are marking the anniversary of the titanic's maiden voyage. everybody night, they will serve one dish from the original titanic menu. all of the courses are from first class. >> always still haunting when you see the video of the pictures on the ship. >> interesting. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. >> claiming their millions. maryland's three winners of mega millions steps forward. i'm ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
coming up right now on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 jackpot, the local mega millions winner comes forward. who they are and what they plan to do with all of that money. brutal beating. another cell phone video services of a shocking attack in downtown baltimore. wildfire worries. i'm derek valcourt, with an important warning, from firefighters across the region. that story coming up on
5:59 pm
eyewitness news. no rain relief in sight don't miss bernadette's coverage. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. maryland's mega millionaires, the three amigos, share the world's largest jackpot. >> tonight, their incredible story ask their plans for the future. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> vic carter is off tonight. i'm adam may. and here's what people are talking about tonight. >> mega mystery solved. these teachers laughed at impostors, knowing they had the real


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